Student Ministry is NEEDED!

Student ministry in its current form is a cultural phenomenon.  We need to understand that.  It has not been around forever and we should not think that it is a biblically mandated method.  Yet, raising up young people to know and love God has been going on for centuries.

I just came across a fantastic article titled “Why we need Youth Ministry” written by Paul Martin of “Being Ministry” Blog.  Hit the link and check out the full article.

Martin traces the historical jewish method of raising up children and walks it through to present day.  Great job.  He lists 3 points why our churches need youth ministry departments today.

  1. Youth ministry exists because it is needed.
  2. What worked in the past can work today.
  3. Resistance is futile.

In the article he fleshes these points out nicely.  Asking the question, “where does this leave the church?” he ends with a great perspective.

Youth ministry is a cultural phenomenon, but that does not negate its usefulness. Youth ministry will continue to evolve, but it will be needed as long as young people and their families struggle with bringing them fully into adulthood and spiritual maturity.

So check it out and see if you agree with his affirmation that student ministries are needed in our churches. The question remains, are we doing a good job?

Your fellow worker in the field,  Adam

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