Getting Spiritual at the Movies

The growth of the Christian Movie genre is apparent to all.  It is not surprising when we hear through the grapevine, on christian radio, or while chatting in a small group bible study, that there is a new faith-based film out or coming soon.  Churches may offer showings.  Parents may encourage a family night.  But what impact do these films have on the general public as well as the evangelical niche?

The Barna Research group graphic below is part of a larger article titled: Sequels, Selfies and Space: 2013 at the Movies.

Asking specifically, “In the past two years, has a movie made me think seriously about religion or change my views about Christianity?”  Here are the statistics broken down by 4 categories: All Americans, Evangelicals, Practicing Protestants, Other Faiths.

I thought the findings are interesting.  The big screen can sure get us thinking, but does it really change anything?



Football Is My Religion

football is my religionIn the culture which I live, this is a post that hits close to home.  While very few would actually say the words, “football is my religion”, many live like it.  This article is a reality check.  Thanks Kevin DeYoung.

Christian football fans like myself need to take heed and be aware of where we place our affections/time/worship…  Click the link below for a reality check for the die-hard football fan in you or your life.

Three Questions to Help Diagnose Possible Football Idolatry

In summary (but please click the link and read the full treatment) we should be asking:

  1. Is ministry and worship on the Lord’s Day compromised by my allegiance to football on Saturday and Sunday?
  2. Are my emotions all out of whack?
  3. Can my conversations go deeper than football?

This weekend, as we enjoy life, let us only worship the One truly worthy of worship.

The factual nature of the Bible – Geography style!

Here is a cool website I came across. Learn the biblical locations of whatever book and chapter you are currently reading through. Cool to see it all mapped out. click it and see!

This reminds me of the reliability of scripture.  The Bible is not out to mislead us.  It is verifiable and factual. While the Bible is primarily concerned with a spiritual subject matter, namely the Glory of God through redemptive history, when it talks about people and places, those people and places are REAL!  We do not have to sift through legends or myth, this is talking about reality.   It is so great when archeology confirms what we read in the pages of our bibles everyday!

Keep diving into your copies of the WORD!

Your fellow worker in the field, Adam

Seeking a Generation

In Psalms 24 David asserts question.


“Who can ascend the mountain of the Lord? Who may stand in His holy place?” Or in other words, who can be in God’s presence. What qualifies us to see and know God? This moves beyond the surface level of just knowing about God, but to really KNOW God. To have a relationship with Him. To commune with Him.

David goes on to answer that question. “The one with clean hands and a pure heart”. Speaking of this one, John Calvin describes the connection between hands and heart in his commentary of Psalms 24.  He writes, “Under the purity of the hands and of the heart, and the reverence of God’s name, he comprehends all religion, and denotes a well ordered life. True purity, no doubt, has its seat in the heart, but it manifests its fruits in the works of the hands. The Psalmist, therefore, very properly joins to a pure heart the purity of the whole life.”

But the question still remains.  If this is what it takes to enter into the presence of God, how can a person really have clean hands and a pure heart!

Our hope rests solely in the shed blood of Jesus Christ!  Just as David and all of the Old Testament was looking forward to a coming Messiah, we look back on the finished work of that Messiah!

2 Cor. 5:21 says,  “He [God the Father] made the One who did not know sin [Jesus Christ] to be sin for us, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.”

Thank you Father for making a way for us to have clean hands and a pure heart, even when we were filthy dirty!  Thank you Father for substitutionary work of Jesus on my behalf.  Because of Him I have a righteousness not of my own, but of His.

“Such is the generation of those who seek Him, who seek the face of the God of Jacob.”  Through the work of Jesus on the cross we can be part a generation that seeks Him.  Being part of this group is not through genetic heritage as the Israelites thought, but it is through spiritual heritage.

Rise up O generation!  You who have been purchased by the blood of Jesus, You who have been given clean hands and a pure heart, Rise Up!

I am seeking a generation who will be intentional with the hope we have been given.  That we would live it and share it.  That our churches and youth ministries would exemplify what it means to be a generation that seeks His face!


Your fellow worker in the field, Adam