Celebrating Reformation Day in Style

Tonight my church is celebrating Reformation Day. My good friend at TheWardrobeDoor.com posted some graphics that should be spread like wildfire through social media on Oct. 31st!  One of my favorites: When did your blog post earn a Papal rebuttal?


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Sermon Illustration: The Backwards Bike

We all know the phrase, “It’s as easy as riding a bike”.  Here we have a great lesson on how we train our brains to think a certain way, and it is really hard to adjust that pattern.

Really hard.

This experiment made one small adjustment to a normal bicycle, making it impossible to ride without extensive retraining of your brain. The main point driven home by this backward bicycle: you view the world through an interpretive bias, whether you realize it or not.

How have you developed your interpretive grid? What guides the way you view the world?

This video is very cool. It shows how we truly function in reality, with something “as easy as riding a bike”.

Blessings, Adam

Entertaining, Yet Beneficial Advice for the Graduate

Here is some good advice and a few stupid videos. You can decide which is more beneficial for you at the moment. You might want to forward this on to the graduate in your family or friends for a good dose of both. If you are a college or high school graduate you probably have a lot on your mind right now. It is a crazy time for you. My student ministry and church celebrated our seniors a while ago and now reality is setting in. Here is some good advise from the Gospel Coalition if you are entering the “real world”.

Matt Jenson reflects on things to do after college graduation. Read the full article, 12 Things to Do After Graduation, for full and entertaining descriptions of each category when you can, but in the mean-time here is the synopsis.

  1. Do something else – take a risk
  2. Read a book for fun, not because you have to
  3. Find a less than perfect church
  4. Find a less than perfect job
  5. Find a bizarre-never-do-this-in-your-40s kind of job
  6. Focus on a few friends
  7. Learn to cook 5 meals
  8. Tithe 10% of your paycheck
  9. Save 10% of your paycheck
  10. Explore and Examine
  11. Slow down, keep the Sabbath
  12. Pray and meditate on Scripture

After graduating college you remember how easy life used to be, especially during high school!  Rhett and Link have prepared a special, heart-felt video for the high school grads out there. It is full of great quotes like “do you hear that subtle sound? It is the sound of reality about to slap the taste out your mouth.” and “Do you feel that gentle breeze? It’s the category 5 hurricane of adulthood about to hit you upside the head with a tree.”

Ahh graduation. Its is a great time.  Looking back up to the list of things to do. When fulfilling #5 you can always polish up your dance moves and become the 2nd best dancing cotton candy maker of all time…

All in good fun folks!  – Adam

There’s Not an App for That – Mark Moore

app for thatCheck out this fun and informative blog comparing some insane apps, some practical christian apps, and something important that no app can ever accomplish. My friend Mark Moore has a wonderful approach to the gospel and how we use our technology! Check it out and read through to the end! There’s Not an App for That – by Mark Moore

Hitler on Seeker-Sensitive Church Expansion Plans

I literally was in my office trying to muffle my laughter as I stumbled across this piece of church humor. I dont know what strategies your church uses but I am so thankful that my church has deep roots and a heart for the Gospel, not the newest fads in contemporary christianity.

Don’t take this to seriously now. I’m not trying to step on toes here. Just enjoy it for what its worth, and if you are on church staff somewhere, have a good laugh along with me. 🙂

I still chuckle to myself thinking about 8 straight hours listening to J. Vernon McGee as a punishment! Bahahaha!

Famous Last Words

“A good life lived will be better heard than famous last words.”  This creative video from Long Hollow Baptist Church, just up the road from me in Nashville, is a great reminder that we may do a bunch of dumb things in life, but in the end, how we live will speak volumes louder than our words.

High School Students Show Off Really Bad Writing Skills

So I’m not claiming to be much better, but I’d like to think I have a bit more skill than some of these students. Some may think this is a sign of the times, and to a small degree it may be. But for the most part I post this just for a light hearted laugh. I’m product of public schooling myself, so no stone throwing here.

🙂 Hope you enjoy reading these like I did (…and you go home and encourage your teenager to study hard in English class so they don’t end up in a list like this!)  – Adam

It’s a Boy! Welcome Silas Abram Lickey!

Yesterday at 9:53am another blessing entered into my life. Silas Abram Lickey was born healthy and loved. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my blogging has been somewhat slim lately. That is because family is way ahead of blogging on the priorities list.

I have sat here in the hospital the past 24 hours and thanked the Lord for another wonderful son. Many people have been freaked out by the thought of four children, 6 years old and under. I look at our bustling family and cannot see beyond the lavishing of grace God has given to me and my beautiful wife to live with such blessings.  Sure it’s hard at times, but the love and joy totally outweigh the sacrifice.

While little Silas is totally unaware, he is loved. Yet many children go  without such unconditional, immediate love. Holding this little life in my hands I think about the many lives lost each day in the United States due to abortions.

Here is an infographic about the young adult perception of abortion. Since I work with teenagers all the time I thought this was particularly a good question. “What do young people think about abortion vs the standard cultural position?” It is equally telling what the “don’t know” as it is what they do know.

All I know, confirmed with Silas snoozing here next to me, all life is precious.

Two FREE Books – Today only!

Here is something to brighten your day. Jump on Amazon and get some free books that are as good as it gets. Jerry Bridges and R.C. Sproul write books that bring us to the truth with amazing insight and passion. Free is the right price, so this is a no-brainer. These are Kindle downloads so you can have the e-book instantly on your device or computer as a resource. Go get them today!

Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts.by Jerry Bridges – (I have personally owned this one in paperback for many years and fully recommend it for anyone facing life struggles or tragedy.)

In an effort to strengthen his own trust in God during a time of adversity, Navigator author Jerry Bridges began a lengthy Bible study on God’s sovereignty. The revelations changed his life. In Trusting God, he shares the scope of God’s power to help you come to know Him better, have a relationship with Him, and trust Him more—even when unjust things happen. Tragedy, grief, loss, and death are part of life. Discover how Trusting God can reveal biblical truths about God. Includes bonus chapter taken from More Than Ordinary by Doug Sherman. (Amazon book description)

God’s Love: How the Infinite God Cares for His Children. by R.C. Sproul –  Love has come to mean many things. It’s used to describe emotions. It’s the glue for relationships. It frames countless stories. And the greatest of these stories opens before time began and echoes throughout eternity. It’s the story of God’s unrelenting, overwhelming love for His people. Yet the truth of love is even more majestic, more staggering, and more extraordinary than we can understand: God doesn’t just love us. He is love.

 Renowned theologian and teacher Dr. R.C. Sproul takes a remarkable look at this most profound truth. God’s Love delves deep into Scripture to explore this dynamic attribute of God, which finds its ultimate expression in His Son. Dr. Sproul also examines seeming paradoxes of God, such as a loving God and divine hate, and how love coexists with His sovereignty. Practical, insightful, and revolutionary, God’s Love compels and calls us to reflect His nature of unconditional love.
I hope you enjoy these books and are encouraged in your walk with Christ!