Sermon Illustration: The Backwards Bike

We all know the phrase, “It’s as easy as riding a bike”.  Here we have a great lesson on how we train our brains to think a certain way, and it is really hard to adjust that pattern.

Really hard.

This experiment made one small adjustment to a normal bicycle, making it impossible to ride without extensive retraining of your brain. The main point driven home by this backward bicycle: you view the world through an interpretive bias, whether you realize it or not.

How have you developed your interpretive grid? What guides the way you view the world?

This video is very cool. It shows how we truly function in reality, with something “as easy as riding a bike”.

Blessings, Adam

Modesty at Prom – Sadie Robertson style

Prom is just around the corner. I’ve seen several elaborate date requests already. As the event draws closer the inevitable dress shopping excursions/tweets/Facebook posts flood social media.

Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty has produced a line of age-approiate and modest prom dresses. Just as she modeled in her time with Dancing with the Stars, Sadie has consistently upheld high values and respect for herself and her future.  Click below for more information on the “daddy-approved” line of dresses this year.

Sadie Robertson’s “Daddy-Approved” Line of Prom Dresses

Here is sneak peak of a few pieces. As a dad of a daughter, I say, “Way to go Sadie”!

A Stunning Visual Approach to C.S. Lewis

If you want a whole new way of seeing the works of C.S. Lewis, check out this Youtube channel I stumbled across recently.  This artist takes readings of classic Lewis works and illustrates them—as they are being read!  To watch the story unfold visually as well as rhetorically adds a new level of depth.  I love how C.S. Lewis unswervingly engages his culture from a Christian worldview.  He has inspired generations with his creativity, Logic, and faithfulness.  If you are seasoned Lewis veteran, or movie-introduced rookie, check out this innovative method to hear and see this classic christian author in action.

For the full Youtube channel with thirteen videos click here: CSLewisDoodle.

Here is a sample of a his videos. (note the playlist selector in the top left, you can choose a topic)

Worldview Summery Chart

Click on this informative chart to get a clear(er) understanding of the differing worldviews. Many times we hear these terms thrown around incorrectly. So here is a chance to see them side by side with their definitions.

(click the graphic for a zoomable view.)


Do You Know Which Worldview You Really Hold?


The southern region of the United States is known as the bible-belt. It is common for most people here (as I write in TN) to associate with some type of christian label. But does everyone who claims to be a christian really hold a christian worldview?

The short answer is no. But worldviews are complex.

What is a worldview you ask? A worldview is the filter through which you interpret the data of life. This filter is made up of your presuppositions, values, and answers to life’s most basic questions. We all have a worldview, the question is whether we intentionally established it, or allowed to haphazardly develop through time.

I believe many people call themselves “christian” because it is a culturally acceptable term (common, but not limited to the bible-belt), but if their belief system was truly examined another label may actually describe them better. This worldview flow chart is helpful to identify some of your own core beliefs to better understand which worldview you hold.

Track through this flow chart for a while and discover which worldview you operate under, as well as see how others may answer some of life’s most important questions. Click the chart to see a larger version. I hope this is helpful and informative. Let me know in the comments.   – Adam



Saturdays With C.S. Lewis: Christian Worldview

We all have a lens through which we see and interpret the world around us. Anyone who claims to be “neutral” or to simply “let the facts speak” has a misunderstanding about how reason functions. There must always be a framework, a worldview, through which we package and understand information. C.S. Lewis understood this.

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”
― C.S. Lewis

He understood that through the reality of Christ we best understand everything else! No really…Everything: from God, spirituality, relationships, finances, self worth, work ethic, parenting, you name it and it is best understood in the light of Biblical Christianity.

The question is, what worldview framework are you working within?


How Teens View Social Media

Interesting lessons within this graphic…from my perspective:

  • Even after the admission of most teens being “addicted” to thier social media devices teens still prefer face to face contact. This tells me that no matter how many texts or FB messages I send, that personal contact is the only way to build deep meaningful relationships. The texts and other stuff can supplement that or be convenient, but without face to face time you will never get to really know a teenager.
  • Facebook is dominate. I think this is because of the combination of messages, photos/video uploads, status updates, and the infamous “like” button. Facebook has it all. But be warned, what you put on FB will be seen. No matter how deep in some obscure album that picture is, someone will comment on your behavior or associates. People do read into status updates and know what you have been saying on FB. Just as in all of life we must guard our integrity on FB and live in a way not to bring shame to ourselves and our God!
  • Teens (really, all of us) need a break from social media sometimes! We need to encourage teenagers (and ourselves) to unplug once in a while and spend some undistracted time alone. Preferably with God. Remember that verse, “be still and know that I am God”. It is getting harder and harder to be still in our media driven culture. Take some time everyday to reflect and unplug and allow yourself not to be a slave to social media, and encourage this in teens in your lives.
  • Social Media highlights the insecurities of some girls and adds pressure to be perfect. 57% of girls feel left out after seeing photos of friends without them, 45% of girls worry about others posting “ugly” pictures of them online, 28% of girls have edited photos of themselves before posting it online. These stats reinforce the truth that we need to guard our daughters hearts! While it is also true for the guys, it is crucial for the girls. We need to train them that they will only truly be satisfied in Jesus Christ and His love for them, everything else will fall short. We need to constantly be saying and living the fact that true beauty comes from within. We need to remind them that Psalms 139 says we were “fearfully and wonderfully made” in exactly the way God intended, and God doesn’t make mistakes! The Gospel tells girls (and everyone) that God loves us despite our imperfections and has made a way for us to have the one relationship that will truly satisfy us. The Gospel proves that we are priceless in the eyes of God! He sent His perfect Son as a sacrifice for us. And because of Jesus’ victory over death we can overcome all things!

These are the times we live in. We need to see our culture through the lens of the Gospel of Jesus, and social media is no exception. Social media is a great tool, but like any tool, it can be used to build up or tear down. I strive to be biblical in all that I do, even in how I interact with social media.

Your fellow worker in the field, Adam

Worldly Values Flipped Upside-down: The Beatitudes

Have you ever read through Matthew 5 and saw the completely opposite way in which Jesus describes what it means to be a Kingdom citizen as opposed to a citizen of this world!?! It is truly striking when you dwell on these words. What our culture tells us to pursue, Jesus flips it totally on its head! It is no wonder unbelievers consider us fools. Look at the subjects of each sentence. The worldly man has no desire to be characterized by such words, it would be an insult and an embarrassment.

  • “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
  • “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
  • “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
  • “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.
  • “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.
  • “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
  • “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons[a] of God.
  • 10“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Josh Harris, the senior pastor at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, MD, is preaching on this very topic and let his creative energy flow. He wondered what it would look like if these were rewritten from the worlds perspective. Here is his artistic interpretation.

  1. Blessed are the self-confident because they rule the world.
  2. Blessed are positive-thinkers because they don’t need anybody’s comfort.
  3. Blessed are the cocky and assertive because they get what they want.
  4. Blessed are those who hunger for fame because they get reality TV shows.
  5. Blessed are the vengeful because they get respect.
  6. Blessed are the impure, pleasure-seekers because they see a good time.
  7. Blessed are those who beat their opponents because the victors write the history books.
  8. Blessed are the popular because everybody loves them.

As you read these, note how they correspond with the way we really see people living in our schools, jobs, homes, and society. Note also how they are the inverse of the biblical text as quoted above. It is scary to see how our culture values the exact opposite of what God says is truly valuable. The world, and our own sin natures, push us to live in these anti-biblical ways. It is hard to go against the flow. But when we allow God’s words to fill us up we find His strength to live out His plan.

Be counter-cultural today!

Your fellow worker in the field, Adam

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