Funny Bible Tweets

If twitter was around in bible times this might be what you would come across.

@Adam: 1 rib + 1 nap = 2 gorgeous! #AdamlovesEve #GodreallylovesAdam

@Goliath:  Am I being punked? Israel sent out some scrawny little kid to fight me! #CertianVictory

@Noah:  Bummed I didn’t think to bring more chickens…really craving a drumstick!

@Adam:  If a naked woman ever offers you something to eat – – RUN!

@Jacob:   Worst. Honeymoon. Ever. #AlwaysCheckUnderTheVeil

@Boaz: You will never guess what i found at the end of my bed! #DreamsDoComeTrue

@James:  I will scream if I hear mom say “your big brother is God’s gift to the World” one more time!

@Richyoungruler:  So bummed. Totally thought Jesus was down with the prosperity Gospel. #KeepingMyTreasureOnEarth

@Peter:  @Jesus nicknamed me “Rock”. Super cool. Just scared to ask if he thinks I’m “solid as a…” or “dumb as a…”

@Thomas:  For real! I was ready to DIE with Jesus at Lazarus’ tomb, but folks only remember my moment of doubt! #FirstNameThomasNotDoubting

@LittleLad:  Cant believe it. 5,000 men and I’m the only one smart enough to pack a lunch!?!

@Eutychus:  I will NEVER fall asleep in church again! #Fell3Stories

Just keeping it on the lighter side today. Hope you enjoyed.  If you want more of these tweets or want to follow them through your twitter account, find them at @realbibletweets.  If you want to follow my twitter posts, feel free to do so.  I’ll follow you back.  Follow me @3bcadam. Hope you have a great day, filled with REAL connection with the Bible!

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