Age-Graded Apologetics Resources!

Have you ever wondered where to find some age appropriate resources for apologetic training? Click the link, HERE, to see the full version of a very helpful list complied by Ratio Christi (A Student Apologetic Alliance). I have attached the high school, middle school, and elementary school recommendations. Browse and find some gems you can use in your ministry!


High School

Middle School

  • ACSI Apologetics Curriculum: In this program designed especially for middle schoolers, ACSI’s objective is “(1) to prepare Christian middle school students to defend their faith by teaching them apologetics in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades and (2) to strengthen the individual faith of students by introducing them to answers to the toughest questions and oppositions facing Christianity”.
  • Summit Ministries’ Lightbearers: This series “is a one or two semester video-based curriculum for 8th grade designed to help students clearly understand the tenets of the Christian worldview, and how they compare to the tenets of the leading humanistic worldviews of our day.”
  • The Defense Never Rests: A Workbook for Budding Apologists: “A fill-in-the-blank workbook on Christian Apologetics based on the work of William Lane Craig. Topics include various arguments for God’s existence, the Trinity, incarnation, atoning death, and resurrection of Jesus.” It is reccommended you also get the teacher’s handbook.
  • Apologia Educational Ministries’ What We Believe Series: A great series to teach kids the essentials of the Christian faith.
  • Cornerstone Curriculum: A one year worldview biblical worldview curriculum.
  • Accessible Apologetics Curriculum: “Apologetics Guy” Mikel Del Rosario’s essential apologetics curriculum is a great resource for middle school aged kids who are new to apologetics, but can be taught to all ages. It comes highly reccommended by various apologists.
  • Wrecking Crew Apologetics Curriculum: “The Wrecking Crew Apologetics curriculum utilizes a variety of teaching methods to equip young people to defend their faith, including readings, lectures, note taking, Bible inquiry, internet lessons, games, group discussions, role playing, debates, and mock trials.”
  • Spiritual Formation 4 Youth: “This curriculum is designed to help Christian teachers and youth pastors train students to break through the noise, temptations and fears by focusing on the full life that God offers for them.”
  • FBI: Finding Biblical Intent: “The purpose of the Finding Biblical Intent curriculum is to help teachers teach students how to investigate and understand the Word of God.”
  • RZIM’s ASK Curriculum: An apologetics curriculum; one for Indian students and one for North American students. Great for all youth, high school and middle school.

Elementary School

  • Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers: The Trinity: Wonderful apologetics book by Joey Allen for little kids. “In simple and precise language, God-centered theology is promoted, giving children a firm foundation in God’s timeless truth.”
  • Resurrection iWitness: Apologetics children’s book by Doug Powell that “gives evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ by using the easy-to-understand Minimal Facts argument. That means it relies only on the historical facts that all biblical scholars (including atheistic, Jewish, and liberal) accept and shows how only the biblical story of the resurrection can account for all these agreed-upon facts.”
  • Fact or Fantasy? A Study in Christian Apologetics for Children: A great book on simple apologetics for children by David Walters.
  • The Awesome Book of Bible Answers for Kids: “Respected Christian apologist Josh McDowell encourages children to stand on the foundation of truth with this contemporary gathering of concise, welcoming answers for kids ages 8 to 12.”
  • If I Could Ask God for Anything: Awesome Bible Answers for Curious Kids: “A unique kid-friendly book jam-packed with clear, fresh answers to important questions about God, faith, prayer, and Christianity in language that children can understand” by Kathryn Slattery.

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