Summer Camp Series: Expository Preaching Works!

This week we have been studying everyday in the book of Hebrews. I know what you are thinking…that is a heavy book for a bunch of teenagers. Well, yes it is, but when we push them I have always found that teenagers rise to occasion. They have been doing great! Soaking up the Truth and letting God speak and move in real ways!

Here are some reasons I like focusing on one book of the Bible at a time:

  • It affirms that all of the Bible is important.
  • It keeps us tied to the Word of God for our content.
  • We never get bored by just focusing on the familiar passages.
  • We are forced to deal with issues I wouldn’t normally choose because the text deals with it.
  • It keeps us connected with the authorial intent; as we track through book we see the overarching themes the author wanted to communicate.

Praise God for faithful teachers of the Word!

Your fellow worker in the field,  Adam

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