Lecrae, TobyMac, Owl City: Christian Music Making Mainstream Waves



We all know that music is a huge influencer in the lives of teenagers. They live and breathe it. Here are some amazing artists who are rising to the top of their field, receiving recognition in both christian and mainstream venues. Check out this encouraging article I found.


What an amazing 14 days!

Two weeks ago today, Owl City‘s new album “The Midsummer Station” released and immediately climbed to #1 on the iTunes album chart. Last week, tobyMac‘s “Eye On It” landed at #1 on that same chart, causing more than one music fan to scratch their heads and say “toby WHO?”

And then today, Lecrae‘s much anticipated (by me and a whole lot of other people) “Gravity” shot up the chart … as of noon it’s the #1 album on iTunes.

When stuff like this happens, I usually do one of two things: I get wrapped up in the excitement of it (I admit it, I kept checking iTunes every 30 minutes this morning watching Lecrae climb those last few spots to the top). Or, I write it off as “just numbers” (I’m a pessimist at heart).

But today I was really struck by how much of a God thing this is. Think about it. In the last two weeks, three incredibly talented artists — three believers who have followed a call to use their talents to glorify their Maker — have had their work showcased alongside Carrie Underwood, Maroon 5, One Direction, John Mayer … the “best” of pop music. People from around the world, not just those that regularly listen to or seek out Christian music, are being exposed to great music that was written to reflect the true Light into a dark world.

[check out this tweet by Lecrea]

But God isn’t always easy. Adam, tobyMac and Lecrae (and countless other artists, musicians and songwriters) spend weeks on the road away from family and friends, and long days (and nights) in the studio. But they keep doing it because they know it’s their gift. Their calling. Their platform. And landing on the iTunes chart isn’t about success; it’s about a bigger platform.

So thanks guys, for the great new music … and for the reminder that as Christ-followers we are all called to embrace our God-given talents, exercise our gifts and strive to use them to honor the One who gave them to us.


Reblogged from Interlinc Music Resources. Thank you for this article Sheridyn Williamson and keeping us up to date in the christian music industry!



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