Losing The Hype: Jesus Didn’t Have a Wife

Which seems more likely – Jesus really did have a wife…and we just now are finding out about it even after 2000+ of microscope focus on His life, or the media is being sensational about this papyrus scrap?

Or look at it this way, will you trust six words that are part of an unidentifiable sentence (the other words in the sentence can’t be read) written 300 years after Jesus’ life with no predecessors or successors on a piece of papyrus smaller than a business card more than you trust four harmonious accounts of his life written by eyewitnesses with thousands of early copies? Now I may just be bias, but one side sounds much more credible.

For a more accurate perspective of this newest intrigue with Jesus’ personal life, read this balanced article.

The Far Less Sensational Truth about Jesus’ Wife – by the Gospel Coalition.

If you have no clue what this blog is about and you have been social media deprived this week, here are a few quick links from major sources to catch you up to speed in the recent historical discovery.

ABC News, Fox News, NY Times, The Washington Post

It is my prayer that we will get to know the true Jesus through the pages of scripture more everyday.

3 thoughts on “Losing The Hype: Jesus Didn’t Have a Wife

  1. I always think it’s funny how they create entire civilizations out of a random potsherd or jawbone, but claim there’s nothing about the Biblical manuscripts that are relevant to history.

  2. What a great post! It is so crazy how the world is so eager to jump on myths about Christ instead of focusing on how He came to save the world.

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