Packers vs. Seahawks – NFL Replacement Ref. Mayhem on 9/24/12

If you haven’t been following the NFL this year, the big story is how the veteran (and highly skilled) referee crew is on a lock out over pension contract issue. This video will go down in history in connection with these “replacement” refs. Check out some of the backlash.

It is a desperation “Hail Mary” pass in the last seconds of the game. Seattle Seahawks are down by 5. The pass is intercepted…no it is caught, no…we don’t know what happened! The two corner refs run in on the scene and simultaneously declare opposite calls. Which call stands determines who wins this Monday Night Football showdown.

No matter where you stand on this now infamous piece of officiating, let me throw out a few thoughts:

  • No one is perfect: not the refs (for sure), but also, not the league and commissioner for allowing this lock out to persist so long. Not the coaches and players who have been bullying these replacement refs. And not even the media who has railed on these refs since the first game of the season. This season has reminded me of the selfishness that comes to light in high pressure moments. Man, no one is perfect.
  • Greed drives the bus: the NFL is a 9 billion dollar industry. Yet this lock out of the veteran refs is over an accumulated 3 million in pension funds. Where is the perspective here!?! Why can these people not work out their financial issues before the football season begins? Greed. Getting all we can get when we can get it. Being self centered. For goodness sakes, when the NFL highlights a spiritual condition of the heart, you know it is serious!
  • Everything in this world will let us down: If you love football, and end up on the wrong side of a call like this, it can be a huge disappointment. While everything in this world will fail, there is One who is completely trustworthy. Where refs and all men will get it wrong eventually, Jesus Christ get it right.
  • There are more important things in life than sports: As much as I love football, I understand that life is more than sports. I was just speaking to an FCA this morning and reminding them of Matt 6:33, which says our first and greatest priority in life is His Kingdom and His righteousness, and if we get that priority right everything else will fall into the correct place.

Keep your #1 priority in focus today!


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