It’s a Boy! Welcome Silas Abram Lickey!

Yesterday at 9:53am another blessing entered into my life. Silas Abram Lickey was born healthy and loved. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, my blogging has been somewhat slim lately. That is because family is way ahead of blogging on the priorities list.

I have sat here in the hospital the past 24 hours and thanked the Lord for another wonderful son. Many people have been freaked out by the thought of four children, 6 years old and under. I look at our bustling family and cannot see beyond the lavishing of grace God has given to me and my beautiful wife to live with such blessings.  Sure it’s hard at times, but the love and joy totally outweigh the sacrifice.

While little Silas is totally unaware, he is loved. Yet many children go  without such unconditional, immediate love. Holding this little life in my hands I think about the many lives lost each day in the United States due to abortions.

Here is an infographic about the young adult perception of abortion. Since I work with teenagers all the time I thought this was particularly a good question. “What do young people think about abortion vs the standard cultural position?” It is equally telling what the “don’t know” as it is what they do know.

All I know, confirmed with Silas snoozing here next to me, all life is precious.

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