Do You Know Which Worldview You Really Hold?


The southern region of the United States is known as the bible-belt. It is common for most people here (as I write in TN) to associate with some type of christian label. But does everyone who claims to be a christian really hold a christian worldview?

The short answer is no. But worldviews are complex.

What is a worldview you ask? A worldview is the filter through which you interpret the data of life. This filter is made up of your presuppositions, values, and answers to life’s most basic questions. We all have a worldview, the question is whether we intentionally established it, or allowed to haphazardly develop through time.

I believe many people call themselves “christian” because it is a culturally acceptable term (common, but not limited to the bible-belt), but if their belief system was truly examined another label may actually describe them better. This worldview flow chart is helpful to identify some of your own core beliefs to better understand which worldview you hold.

Track through this flow chart for a while and discover which worldview you operate under, as well as see how others may answer some of life’s most important questions. Click the chart to see a larger version. I hope this is helpful and informative. Let me know in the comments.   – Adam



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