Entertaining, Yet Beneficial Advice for the Graduate

Here is some good advice and a few stupid videos. You can decide which is more beneficial for you at the moment. You might want to forward this on to the graduate in your family or friends for a good dose of both. If you are a college or high school graduate you probably have a lot on your mind right now. It is a crazy time for you. My student ministry and church celebrated our seniors a while ago and now reality is setting in. Here is some good advise from the Gospel Coalition if you are entering the “real world”.

Matt Jenson reflects on things to do after college graduation. Read the full article, 12 Things to Do After Graduation, for full and entertaining descriptions of each category when you can, but in the mean-time here is the synopsis.

  1. Do something else – take a risk
  2. Read a book for fun, not because you have to
  3. Find a less than perfect church
  4. Find a less than perfect job
  5. Find a bizarre-never-do-this-in-your-40s kind of job
  6. Focus on a few friends
  7. Learn to cook 5 meals
  8. Tithe 10% of your paycheck
  9. Save 10% of your paycheck
  10. Explore and Examine
  11. Slow down, keep the Sabbath
  12. Pray and meditate on Scripture

After graduating college you remember how easy life used to be, especially during high school!  Rhett and Link have prepared a special, heart-felt video for the high school grads out there. It is full of great quotes like “do you hear that subtle sound? It is the sound of reality about to slap the taste out your mouth.” and “Do you feel that gentle breeze? It’s the category 5 hurricane of adulthood about to hit you upside the head with a tree.”

Ahh graduation. Its is a great time.  Looking back up to the list of things to do. When fulfilling #5 you can always polish up your dance moves and become the 2nd best dancing cotton candy maker of all time…

All in good fun folks!  – Adam

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