Should Christians Engage Social Media? #3BCiamthird

In a blog resuscitation, I want to come back to life on a rising topic.  One that, I am proud to say, my church is meeting head on.

The use of social networks has made our world small.  We can communicate in ways unprecedented in human history.  Are christians using this to advance God’s Kingdom both locally and globally?  We should be.  In a quick google search I found several interesting links showing what others are saying.

How Christians Can Use Twitter

Should a Christian use Social Media

7 Reasons Christian’s should ‘Just say No’ to Social Networks (Not!)

My church, 3BC, is making intentional efforts to reach out to our digital world, both on the local and global level.  We have initiated a summer social media champaign called “I am Third”.  As our church spreads throughout our city and world we will stay connected through social media.  This mutual encouragement is helpful internally but also visible externally.  As we share life together we also shine light out.  Here is the #3BCiamthird informational video on Vimeo, as we are training our people to use the resources God has given us!

Check out these links to see how our congregation is staying connected and being a light through social media.

#3BCIAmThird , #3BCworship, #3BCgathering, 3BC Facebook3BC homepage.


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