Reflection and the Benefits of Writing…

We are all writers.  Even if you don’t realize it, we are.  In emails, texts, school work, reports for your job, in so many ways we all write.  The benefits of a journal are tremendous.  That is partly why I blog.  To be honest, I do for me as much (or more) than I do it for you.  I also use the MacJournal software.  It helps me reflect on my day/week/situation.

But do you reflect?  I don’t do it enough.

While this helps in every area of life, it is particularly useful in your spiritual walk.  To reflect on what God has done in the past gives us perspective for where are currently and where we want to go in the future.

In this Russell Moore video requested by, he discusses the ability to overcome writers block and the benefits of reflection.  Soak in his 2:21 of wisdom.

One thought on “Reflection and the Benefits of Writing…

  1. Yes! Great words from Dr. Russell Moore. He is definitely one of my favorite Theologians.

    Encouraging post, brother. I appreciate you taking the time to share. This is right up my alley with what I have been dealing with lately; specifically, the desire to do more posting to my own blog. This has been quite eye-opening and revealing as to how I can go about, not only creating more content, but content that is edifying to the reader. Thanks, Adam.

    Grace and Peace to you, brother!

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