Football Is My Religion

football is my religionIn the culture which I live, this is a post that hits close to home.  While very few would actually say the words, “football is my religion”, many live like it.  This article is a reality check.  Thanks Kevin DeYoung.

Christian football fans like myself need to take heed and be aware of where we place our affections/time/worship…  Click the link below for a reality check for the die-hard football fan in you or your life.

Three Questions to Help Diagnose Possible Football Idolatry

In summary (but please click the link and read the full treatment) we should be asking:

  1. Is ministry and worship on the Lord’s Day compromised by my allegiance to football on Saturday and Sunday?
  2. Are my emotions all out of whack?
  3. Can my conversations go deeper than football?

This weekend, as we enjoy life, let us only worship the One truly worthy of worship.

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