A Stunning Visual Approach to C.S. Lewis

If you want a whole new way of seeing the works of C.S. Lewis, check out this Youtube channel I stumbled across recently.  This artist takes readings of classic Lewis works and illustrates them—as they are being read!  To watch the story unfold visually as well as rhetorically adds a new level of depth.  I love how C.S. Lewis unswervingly engages his culture from a Christian worldview.  He has inspired generations with his creativity, Logic, and faithfulness.  If you are seasoned Lewis veteran, or movie-introduced rookie, check out this innovative method to hear and see this classic christian author in action.

For the full Youtube channel with thirteen videos click here: CSLewisDoodle.

Here is a sample of a his videos. (note the playlist selector in the top left, you can choose a topic)

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