Jesus Knew His Old Testament

How many times did Jesus quote from the Old Testament? What where his favorite books to reference? Which Gospels show the most quotes from Jesus from the Old Testament?  All these questions and many more are answered in this cool infographic connecting the dots between Jesus’s words and the bible that he studied.

It is a challenge to know and quote more from the Old Testament as he did. Click the graphic for a larger version


Global Poverty is on the Decline?

Could it be true?  Is this generation making a difference in the world?

Yes.  But people don’t believe it is true.

Despite the unbelief of many, the numbers don’t lie.  Over the past 30 years the world population living in extreme poverty has decreased from 52% to 21%.

Check out this eye-opening article, including 4 infographics, from the  Barna Research Group.

Global Poverty is on the Decline, But Almost No One Believes It.

This is the first infographic to get you a taste of the quality.

global poverty


Worldview Summery Chart

Click on this informative chart to get a clear(er) understanding of the differing worldviews. Many times we hear these terms thrown around incorrectly. So here is a chance to see them side by side with their definitions.

(click the graphic for a zoomable view.)


Bible Translation Needs at a Glance

Here are some quick stats on a neglected issue. With so many languages around our world Bible translation is an important task. I am thankful for an organization like Wycliffe Bible Translators who are addressing this great need.  Check out these most recent statistics they have compiled and put in an infographic. (click the picture for a larger view.)

wycliffe infographic

Discussion Flow Chart

Have you ever had a discussion with someone who refused to listen to logic? Maybe they were so intrenched in their own way of thinking they could not see anything outside of their own opinion. This happens often in religious discussions, true, but it is also true of those debating against religious truths.

What if the religious explanation is actually the most logical? What if a presupposition that regards ANY spiritual input as false is actually the illogical, non-rational viewpoint.

Here is a light-hearted flowchart to determine when you are actually in a “discussion”, where there can be dialogue, verses a lecture or something worse. Just trying to get you thinking, -Adam