Getting Spiritual at the Movies

The growth of the Christian Movie genre is apparent to all.  It is not surprising when we hear through the grapevine, on christian radio, or while chatting in a small group bible study, that there is a new faith-based film out or coming soon.  Churches may offer showings.  Parents may encourage a family night.  But what impact do these films have on the general public as well as the evangelical niche?

The Barna Research group graphic below is part of a larger article titled: Sequels, Selfies and Space: 2013 at the Movies.

Asking specifically, “In the past two years, has a movie made me think seriously about religion or change my views about Christianity?”  Here are the statistics broken down by 4 categories: All Americans, Evangelicals, Practicing Protestants, Other Faiths.

I thought the findings are interesting.  The big screen can sure get us thinking, but does it really change anything?



Christian Women Self Perception

Barna polled Christian women to get a fuller picture of how they view themselves and what is most important to them. This poll was taken in 2012, but I think it would still be relatively representative of the female demographic within the Christian Church.  What do you think? Surprising results, or as expected?

Click image for larger version.2012-barna-women-infographic-r11

Global Poverty is on the Decline?

Could it be true?  Is this generation making a difference in the world?

Yes.  But people don’t believe it is true.

Despite the unbelief of many, the numbers don’t lie.  Over the past 30 years the world population living in extreme poverty has decreased from 52% to 21%.

Check out this eye-opening article, including 4 infographics, from the  Barna Research Group.

Global Poverty is on the Decline, But Almost No One Believes It.

This is the first infographic to get you a taste of the quality.

global poverty