What Separates Christianity From the Rest?

The view of Biblical Christianity is under attack. What is it that draws such fire from our culture? It is not intolerance. It is not hypocrisy. It is not social action or inaction.

The primary reason Biblical Christianity is under attack in our day is its unrelenting focus on Jesus Christ. The bible refuses to allow us to smooth over or overlook the God-Man,  Jesus Christ. The bible points clearly to the fact that all of us are marred by sin and there is one hope: the substitutionally death of Jesus on our behalf.

Alvin Plantinga is a world renowned christian philosopher. He is the John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at the University of Notre Dame, where he taught for 28 years, and is the inaugural holder of the Jellema Chair in Philosophy at Calvin College, where he recently retired from in 2010.  He is a philosophical beast, to say the least.  Plantinga explains the classical components of christian belief and the uniqueness therein.

Classical Christian belief includes, in the first place, the belief that there is such a person as God. God is That person, that is, a being with intellect and will. A person has (or can have) knowledge and belief, but also affections, loves, and hates; a person, furthermore, also has or can have intentions, and can act so as to fulfill them. God has all of these qualities and has some (knowledge, power, and love, for example) to the maximal degree. God is thus all-knowing and all-powerful; he is also perfectly good and wholly loving. Still further, he has created the universe and constantly upholds and providentially guides it. This is the theistic component of Christian belief. But there is also the uniquely Christian component: that we human beings are somehow mired in rebellion and sin, that we consequently require deliverance and salvation, and that God has arranged for that deliverance through the sacrificial suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who was both a man and also the second member of the Trinity, the uniquely divine son of God.   – Alvin Plantinga

Stay focused on Christ, friends.