As a Father of Sons…


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I have three sons. They are still young. Their primary interests are hot wheels, ninja turtles, and for one, that yummy bottle of milk. But I know these days will fly by, and so will these interests.

The cost of raising Godly young men is rising in our culture. It is getting harder than ever to monitor the social media scene. I (want to) believe many young teenage girls have no idea the impression they are making on their male peers. With the provocative selfies and pics, do they understand the message they are sending about themselves?

My sons are still young and it is scary to think of the state of our culture in 10+ years when my boys are teenagers. I just read a blog from a mom of three teenage sons. Mrs. Hall lays out a call for the teenage girls connected to their family through social medial to rethink their posts, or be blocked. This mom wants to raise Godly young men and teach them the value of women. But the young women are sending a different message!

Mrs. Hall calls girls to be the one worth waiting for. She asks them to take her advise. She pleads,

“Will you trust me? There are boys out there waiting and hoping for women of character. Some young men are fighting the daily uphill battle to keep their minds pure, and their thoughts praiseworthy. You are growing into a real beauty, inside and out. Act like her, speak like her, post like her..”

Take a minute to read this blog linked below. It has some insights for teenagers and parents of teenagers.

FYI (if you’re a teenage girl) 

Thank you Mrs. Hall for the honesty. And more importantly thank you for the boldness to not allow your boys to be swept away in our culture. I pray that when I am in your shoes I will take the same stand as I raise Godly young men.

-Adambe bold

Christian Teens Bullied by Teacher Ignite a Nation-wide Effort

In our day, Christian teens get bullied for their faith by peers and authority figures on a regular basis. One group of teenagers has taken a stand and made a statement to the nation. It all started when a public school teacher in northern Idaho assigned students an essay titled, “I Believe.” But there was one obvious and blatantly biased rule concerning the assignment – the students were not allowed to write anything about God in their papers.

A group of Christian teenagers began to start asking questions. Primarily “Why?”. Why is it not allowed to talk about God in the public school arena by students? Why can’t personal religious commitments be tolerated anymore? Why has christianity in particular been “frozen” out of contemporary culture?

In the aftermath of that event these teenagers decided to produce a video based on the questions that after the school teacher refused to allow students to mention God in their papers. But the video was just the beginning. These teens in Idaho have launched a nation-wide organization.

Reach America – check out their website.

Reach America Facebook  is the social media page for this group of teenagers.

The Huffington Post even did a write up about this group.

This is the power of teenagers who refuse to accept the low expectations placed on their generation and stand up for Christ! Way to go! This is an example for my student ministry and for teenagers across the world to follow Christ.  All Glory to God!