High School Students Show Off Really Bad Writing Skills

So I’m not claiming to be much better, but I’d like to think I have a bit more skill than some of these students. Some may think this is a sign of the times, and to a small degree it may be. But for the most part I post this just for a light hearted laugh. I’m product of public schooling myself, so no stone throwing here.

🙂 Hope you enjoy reading these like I did (…and you go home and encourage your teenager to study hard in English class so they don’t end up in a list like this!)  – Adam

FREE Systematic Theology Class!

Monergism.com is offering a FREE systematic theology class courtesy of Dr. Wayne Grudem. I personally have used Grudem’s Systematic Theology text for all of my systematic theology classes as Southern Seminary. I believe it is one of the best at outlining all of the critical subject matter in a amazingly biblical and thorough way. If you get this free resource I would also recommend having the book as a reference to follow along. But hey, who can pass up free!?! (oh but wait, you do have to cover the cost of shipping…man, they always get ya.) Still though, this tiny cost is way cheaper than the thousands I spent for 9 hours of seminary credit!

Click HERE for the link to this free resource.

His book, Bible Doctrine, is a “CliffsNotes” version of his full systematic theology (though a pretty hefty book in its own right). It is great for the nonacademic setting. This is effective as a book study for those who want to go deep into the doctrines of the church.

Below is a description of the CDs.


Format: 3 Free MP3 CDs – These CDs will be mailed directly and we only ask that you cover the cost of shipping.

Availability: Due to High Demand, ships in 4-5 business days. Limit of one set of CDs per order.

Description: With the generous permission of Dr. Wayne Grudem, Monergism Books is giving away for free his complete class on systematic theology, a total of 119 class lectures.

The Christian church has a long tradition of systematic theology, that is, studying theology and doctrine organized around fairly standard categories such as the Word of God, redemption, and Jesus Christ. This introduction to systematic theology has several distinctive features:
– A strong emphasis on the scriptural basis for each doctrine and teaching
– Clarity, with technical terms kept to a minimum
– A contemporary approach, treating subjects of special interest to the church today
– A friendly tone, appealing to the emotions and the spirit as well as the intellect
– Frequent application to life

About the Speaker:
Wayne Grudem is Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary in Phoenix, Arizona. He holds degrees from Harvard (BA), Westminster Seminary (MDiv), and Cambridge (PhD). He is the author of over fifteen books including the bestselling Systematic Theology.

Interested in Apologetics?

Do you know why you believe what you believe?

According to Wikipedia, “Apologetics (from Greek ἀπολογία, “speaking in defense”) is the discipline of defending a position (often religious) through the systematic use of information.”

I am ok with that definition. “A systematic use of information”.  That works.  I believe most of the christians are not using (or aware?) of the vast wealth information that is readily available about the truthfulness of the christian faith.  We need some people willing to take that next step and get serious about apologetics in our churches.  If you are interested in apologetics you would find these links helpful.  Also check out the blog links in the “Be Informed!” tab at the top of this page!

31 Actions to Advance Apologetics 

Top 10 Grad Schools in Apologetics