How Easy Is It To Lose Faith in College? Video – The Jacket

How do students treat their faith after they leave your student ministry and head to college?

This 2.5 minute video illustrates the point very well. Will the faith of your teens be set aside like an old jacket?

Here are some discussion questions I would recommend you use with your seniors. If we never get real with them, what can we expect? It is my prayer that these will break the ice and open the way for real dialogue about the near future and how they will handle their newfound freedom, busy schedules, temptations, and choices.

  • What is your first response after watching this? What feelings or thoughts did it stir up?
  • If the jacket represents this student’s faith in Christ, how would you describe that faith?  What tends to happen to faith that can be taken on or off like a jacket? Why do you think that is?
  • What happened to the students’ friends as the video went on? How could isolation from supportive community be part of the problem for students who are tempted to toss faith aside?
  • One way people have described this kind of understanding of faith is that it’s mostly about behaviors—things we do or don’t do to act like a Christian.  What would you say in response to that? How is that different from saying God’s grace through Jesus Christ is at the core of faith? (Check out Ephesians 2:1-10 for Paul’s response to this).
  • What do you think a college student—or high school student—can do to keep their faith from becoming like a jacket? What would you say to people like the guy in the video who feel like they’ve blown it in some way and tossed their faith aside?