Remembering 9/11

Today we remember 9/11. Every generation has an event that changes everything. One of those events that you can remember where you were the moment it happened. For some it is where they were and what they were doing when they heard that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. For others it was the moment when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded on liftoff.

I can read about those events, but I did not experience them. 9/11 I experienced.

I remember the morning. I’m sure these details will stay with me for the remainder of my life. I was a junior in college. I was getting ready for class. One of my roommates, Nathan, had on his TV and all of a sudden gets the room’s attention saying we all needed to see this. Me and 3 guys huddled around his small TV set and watched the televised terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. We saw the second plane come flying in. We skipped class not knowing what was happening elsewhere in the nation. There was a sense of gravity in every moment. The world was changed forever.

That day will never be forgotten. Today we will remember the bravery and the tragedy that took place eleven years ago. My prayers will continue to go out for those people for whom this day is one of the hardest days of the year.

Check out National Geographic’s photo tribute as a memorial of this infamous day.

Living day by day in His grace,  -Adam