NEW Visual Theology Info-graphic: The Atonement

Check out Tim Challies’ NEW info-graphic: The Atonement. To see all of his info-graphics click on the Visual Theology tab in the above menu bar. Aren’t these things great!? They draw you in visually but speak volumes of information on hard to understand topics! I love ’em.

New Visual Theology Graphic: One Another

I have uploaded a new graphic to the Visual Theology tab as it has been published by Tim Challies.  “One Another” is a graphic attempt to show all the textual occurrences of the phrase…you guessed it…one another.  Here we get a taste of the sweeping scope of how christians are supposed to interact with each other, and how we are not supposed to interact.  Click the picture to see the full size version.  Check out all of the visual theology info-graphics in the tab above!

Thanks Tim! You are the man!