Need Real Life Peace? Focus on Sound Theology.

These days we are flooded with the experiential and relational aspects of our faith. While we need to experience God and have an emotional connection as He moves, where is the bedrock for understanding how to relate to God?

The foundation is not rooted in emotional response. It is not rooted in ourselves at all.

Correct relation to God is based in a sound biblical theology. We allow God to tell us through His Word how we connect with Him. Therefore, when resting in a sound theology of God’s love and interaction with His creation we can find peace for real life. We are not stranded, fighting for ourselves. We have one who fights for us. Sound theology directly influences our real lives. Check out the Peanuts comic strip that sees this connection when many people go though life and miss it.

Sound theology is believing correct things about God. Bad theology is believing incorrect things about God. The way we know the difference between the two is knowing the Bible. Dive in and find the truth of the Scriptures and see how it speaks to real life today.                                                                  -Adam


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