Poetic Reading of “Pilgrim’s Conflict with Sloth” -A Must Watch-

This generation fights a struggle against apathy and laziness like none before it. Soaking in our ease and luxury we have become soft and forgotten the meaning of a life well lived.

In this beautifully poetic story by John Piper he recounts, on the cusp of his retirement, his own conflict with “Sloth”.  Piper shadows John Bunyan in and allegorical conversation with such a deceiver.  Take the brief time of 8:43 to listen to scriptural rebuttal as “Sloth” tries to disguise himself as “rest”.  Hear one of the most eloquent descriptions of the life-fulfulling work of a christian who refuses to give into the emptiness and lies of “Sloth”.

My prayer is that you will be encouraged in your work today.                                         -Adam

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