Are We Becoming “More Clever Devils”?

In a culture that celebrates man, we are sold a brutal lie.  It is dominating our children’s entertainment and taken root in the millennial generation.  It is a cornerstone of our education.  It seems sweet as honey, yet in the end leads to bitterness.

This lie is that your heart is generally good and worth following wherever it may lead.

Jeremiah 17:5-9 tells us a story that counters this lie to it’s wicked face.  Please go read the text for yourself, but in my own words, Jeremiah is telling us;

Anyone who trusts his own view of reality is cursed, they are like a withering shrub in the salt lands. But anyone who trusts God’s view of reality is blessed, they are like a healthy tree planted by a stream. Don’t trust your heart, it is desperately wicked.